Introduction to Veneers

About Veneers


Masonry Veneer There is a wide selection of veneers (brick, natural stone, cultured stone) that can be utilized for internal and external wall surface and siding applications. They are featured as a facing or a cladding component on most types of wall surfaces. They provide all the necessary functional attributes as well as the additional decorative impact to the overall presentation for new projects, renovating and remodeling purposes.

For internal applications they can be highlighted on any wall surface in any room of your choice. Veneers can unravel any boring and unattractive wall and will create a distinctive and architectural feature wall. As for external purposes they can be featured on existing walls or sidings that are structurally built from concrete, timber, fiber board or metal.

One of the greatest advantages to veneer products is they have the same appearance as brick or stone but they are produced one quarter in thickness when compared to full size bricks. Therefore the costs will be a lot less then full size bricks or stone due to less material required in the production process. This is the main reason why many home owners opt for veneer products. They still have all the advantages and benefits of full size bricks without having the higher costs.


The affordability aspect is one great advantage when compared to the cost of real or stone bricks but there are also many other advantages why brick and stone veneers have become a preferable choice; which include the following:

  • They are much lighter in weight

  • They are easy to install by DIY home owners

  • Easy to install

  • There are several veneer designs, styles and finishes to choose from

  • They can be utilized on indoor and outdoor wall and siding applications

  • They will add character and a touch of elegance to complement decor

  • They are durable and versatile

  • They require no maintenance

  • They will tolerate all climatic conditions

  • They are water proof

  • They are fire proof

  • They provide thermal heating

  • There are veneer panel designs that are pre assembled

Brick Veneer

Brick VeneerManufactured brick veneer is a man made product which is specially produced from a mixture that contains portland cement, light weight aggregates and colored oxide pigments. The mixture is poured into thin shaped moulds which vibrate during the process to create the roughness and real authenticity of bricks and stone. There are many brick designs, finishes, shapes and sizes that are available for your individual selection.


Stone Veneers

Stone Veneer Stone veneer is produced from natural stone which includes sandstone, slate and granite. The selected stones are carved or cut into fine strips of approximate measurements that vary from 30 mm to 60 mm to create a slim line stone. This type of veneer offers all the natural appeal and natural character to highlight on indoor or outdoor wall and siding applications. It might cost more then manufactured stone, but if you prefer a natural product, this is your perfect option.

Faux Brick

Faux VeneerFaux brick veneer is a fake presentation to mimic a certain product or specific finish such as brick. This type of veneer is only suitable for indoor wall surfaces. A faux brick veneer is a technique that is achieved by applying a base coat of paint on interior walls and by sponging or stenciling with a chosen acrylic paint. This is the cheapest way to highlight an interior wall that will create artistic character and complement the home furnishings beautifully.


Manufactured Stone Veneer

Manufactured stone veneer can be highlighted and utilized in any external or internal wall surface application. For internal wall surfaces that require revitalization and added room character that oozes with natural appeal, consider choosing manufactured stone veneer. The versatility of stone veneer can also be accentuated for other finishes and border trimmings inside your home such as window borders, edging borders and skirting boards.

Stone VeneerManufactured stone veneer has become so popular amongst homeowners, builders and architects because of its affordability and ease of installation. This means that installation costs are drastically reduced, especially when you compare it to the cost on natural stone products. The great thing is that manufactured stone imitates the look of classic natural stone without all the costs.


Cultured Stone Veneer

Applying cultured stone veneer to any wall surface inside or outside of your property has many advantages when compared to other building materials on the market today. To start with using cultured stone veneer provides you with so many design opportunities as you can buy them in many colors, shapes and sizes. Because they are a manufactured product, they are readily available in large quantities, at a reasonable price. Cultured veneer is so durable, versatile and easy to install. This makes it a contractors dream building material. It provides the finishing surface to many indoor and outdoor wall applications.

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