Introduction to Stone Veneers

About Stone Veneers


Stone Veneer WallStone veneer is a building material which is commonly used for a wide variety of applications. There is a variety of different types of stone veneer which are suitable for all types of applications whether it be a large construction or a simple residential property. Stone veneer can help to add accent to a property and therefore it is very popularly used in homes. It helps to add character and charm which results in property price increase.

Stone Veneer Stone veneers are excellent choices for both interior and exterior applications. When the stone veneer is used for exterior stone siding it is very durable and long lasting. The stone will not be affected by weather nor will it fade in color due to UV rays. The material can be enhanced to become fire resistant and damage resistant meaning if anything heavy comes in contact with the stone veneer it will not become immediately damaged.

Types of Stone Veneers

There are 2 main types of stone veneers and they include natural stone veneer and manufactured stone veneer (also known as faux or fake stone siding). Both have their own individual characteristics as well as benefits and advantages. The chosen type will greatly depend on budget, material preference, design and appearance of the project. When deciding between these two materials, there are some considerations to address. One consideration is cost. Natural stone is an expensive material not only to purchase but to also move around, and not purchased in all states or counties, whereas stone can be manufactured anywhere for very low costs.

Manufactured Stone Veneers

Manufactured Stone Veneer Manufactured stone veneer is made from lightweight concrete, aggregates, sand and water. The mixture is set into molds which contain texture, size and shape of what the veneer material should look like. There is a wide variety of stone veneer shapes, colors and sizes. Coloring is done by pigmentation. The colored pigments are added into the mixture to create the determined color. Manufactured stone veneers are made to look like natural stone veneer. It is the imitation of natural stone veneer which is the cheaper alternative. Some type of manufactured stone veneers can look and feel lust like natural stone veneers which enhanced durability and strength.

Natural Stone Veneers

Natural Stone Veneer Natural stone is a very delicate material. Each piece of natural stone is individual and has very unique color which can not be matched. Natural stone veneers are used to construct walls, fireplaces, chimneys, buildings and residential homes. A common use for natural stone veneer in modern times is natural stone siding panels. Paneling is made by thin pieces of natural stone being bonded to a large sheet of either aluminum or steel depending on the manufacturer’s choice. The thin pieces of natural stone bonded to the material are a great alternative to large natural stone units. These natural stone veneer panels are simply installed and last the length of time.

Installing Stone Veneers

Stone veneers installation is very simple when done by experienced contractors. It can be done be DIY for smaller projects. Stone veneers are installed either with mortar or they are mortar-less applications. The installation process should be carefully planned and the contractor is responsible for this. In general stone veneers should be installed from the ground upwards making sure that spacers are used and later joined up with the filling of the joints using mortar once the veneer is installed.


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