Introduction to Manufactured Stone Veneers

About Manufactured Stone Veneer

An Overview

Manufactured VeneerNatural stone is an expensive product to feature on residential and commercial applications, even though you can’t beat the real beauty of natural stone; but for some consumers they just can not afford it. The next best option that is available on the market is manufactured stone veneer products. The biggest advantage to stone veneer products besides looking just like real stone is the affordability factor that entices home owners, builders and architects.

Both manufactured products are durable, versatile, long lasting, maintenance free and all weather tolerant. These benefits are what makes them the most preferred option for enhancing any type of flat wall surface structure that posses all the elegance and charm of natural stone for interior and exterior applications.

Man Made Stone Veneer

manufactured Stone Veneer PillarStone veneer products are manufactured in two ways, one way is a man made process and the other way is from actual natural stone materials. The man made product is a mixture of Portland cement, light weight aggregates and iron oxide pigments to produce very similar color and textures to real stone. The mixture is poured into vibrating shaped moulds to create very similar affect of the rough edges and rough surface finish that exist on natural stone. The thickness of manufactured stone can be produced anywhere from 5mm to 60mm which creates a thin veneer. This type of cultured stone just keeps gaining popularity as one of the most preferred home improvement products on the market. It is recommended that you hire a professional for installing manufactured stone.

The other advantages of this type of product is the multitude of pre cast stone patterns, designs and colors thanks to the tremendous variety of manufactured stone molds. They can be utilized on interior and exterior wall surfaces. Manufactured stone veneer can be featured on most types of flat wall surface materials that include concrete, wood/timber, brick and gyprock. The more common applications that can transform a boring and unattractive wall surface include the following interior and exterior applications:

  • Full or semi exterior house fronts Natural Stone Fireplace
  • Freestanding wall structures
  • Fence system
  • Garden beds
  • Patio wall
  • Barbeque facing
  • Fire place facing
  • Chimney facing
  • Columns
  • Arches
  • Window Borders inside or outside your home
  • Trimming finish
  • Interior feature wall in any room of your home
  • Kitchen back splash

Natural Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Exterior WallNatural stone veneer is made from natural stone materials which include sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, fieldstone and flagstone. The stones are cut into thin pieces which may vary in thickness from approximately three quarters of an inch to an inch to produce a thin veneer. They are also cut into several sized shapes to create many laying patterns. The thin pieces are applied and fixed piece by piece to a back paneling or a netting component such as a flat wall veneer or a corner siding. Natural stone veneers are an ideal wall surface or siding option that provides the solid appearance and natural texture of stone.

There are many patterns that can be achieved with stone veneer applications which include the following:

  • Southern Ledge Pattern
  • Country Ledge Pattern
  • Old World Pattern
  • Cobblestone Pattern
  • Dry Stack Pattern
  • Stackable Pattern
  • Rubble Stone Pattern
  • Ledge Stone Pattern
  • Flintstone Pattern

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