Introduction to Cultured Stone Veneers

About Cultured Stone Veneers

An Overview

Cultured Stone VeneerCultured stone veneer products have become the latest trend as an ornamental decorative feature for many internal and external residential applications. The popularity of this product is due to its natural appeal, natural textures, light weight advantages, the affordability factor and the overall natural beauty it provides charismatically with any decor presentation.


Cultured Veneer Stone cultured veneer products are made from Portland cement, pumice, light weight aggregates and iron oxide pigments. These materials are placed in latex moulds which vibrate during the process to create the natural affects in color and textures of natural stone. Manufacturers can produce several types of stone veneer shapes, sizes and thickness to suit flat walls and flat surfaces as well as corner applications.

During the casting process each casting mould has different color pigments added so there is no repetition in color and texture. No two stone veneers will look exactly the same and that is what makes them so uniquely individual.

Cultured Stone Veneer Applications

Cultured stone veneer products can be applied in various wall surface material applications inside or outside your home as long as the wall surface is properly prepared, properly cleaned and is structurally sound. These surface wall materials can be highlighted and enhanced with stone veneer products.

They include the following:

  • Wood/ Timber Surface
  • Brick Surface
  • Cement Surface
  • Metal Surface
  • Gyprock Surface

Stone Veneer WallThe great advantage is that they can be applied to just about any wall surface material. They are not suitable and not recommended for foot or vehicular traffic such as driveways, walkways, patios and water features. They are specially designed to be applied to wall structures only. If you have internal wall structures that need to be decoratively featured to create a natural look by bringing a bit of the outdoors indoors, stone veneer is the best possible option for you to consider.

Stone WallFor external wall surfaces such as garden walls, garden beds, masonry retaining walls and a fireplace face that have no appeal and look quiet boring, you can enhance these applications by selecting a stone veneer product to create natural beauty, additional character and the impact of the design emphasis that is continuous in texture and color.

What Are The Benefits of Cultured Stone Veneer?

There are many benefits for selecting cultured stone veneer products for wall surface applications. The main benefit is that they provide the natural look and feel of natural stone but without having to outlay high costs. Cultured stone pricing is significantly less than natural stone. Here are some other important benefits:

  • There is a large variety of textures, colors and shapes available to suit your individual wall and corner decor requirements (thanks to wide selection of cultured stone molds)
  • No two cast stone are produced with the same, thickness, color and texture
  • They are easy to apply as you don’t have to hire a professional
  • The flexibility of featuring cultured stone veneer inside or outside your home
  • They are light weight and easy to work with
  • They are easy to cut with a masonry saw
  • They are durable and have long lasting attributes
  • They can tolerate all types of weather conditions, rain, hail or shine
  • The color will not fade during to continuous weather exposure
  • They can be used on any type of wall surface materials
  • They can enhance and add natural character and natural beauty to any wall surface
  • You can select a tinted cultured stone mortar to complement the actual color of stone
  • They are available in flat pieces or stackable pieces
  • They are heat resistant when applied around the fireplace face or barbecue
  • Installing cultured stone can be done yourself

The average thickness of flat veneers are approximately 43mm and that’s why they should only be decoratively featured on wall projects and not floor surfaces. Where the stackable designs are available in irregular sizes, thickness and shapes.


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