Introduction to Stone Masonry Siding

About Stone Masonry Siding

An Overview

Masonry Stone SidingStone masonry is the ideal internal or external product that can be featured on all types of siding applications for residential, community and commercial purposes. This type of product plays an important role for both its functional purposes as well as the decorative impact in terms of the overall presentation. Stone has so many advantages and benefits when compared to wood siding materials as it will not rot, it has excellent durability, it is fire and water resistant, it will increase the value of your home, it will last for over 100 years and it is basically maintenance free.

Stone Masonry House Cladding

The other benefits to stone masonry siding is when this product is featured as a house cladding it will keep the inside of your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Protecting the inside of your home from harsh winds and climatic conditions is also another beneficial factor, as stone masonry will provide the safety and security as it is a strong and sturdy cladding material.

Natural Stone Siding

Installing Siding Natural stone siding material is produced from natural stone which include sandstone, granite, slate and marble. This natural stone material is handpicked or quarried from various mountainous locations worldwide. They can be produced in single stone units as well as a thin veneer paneling system. The availability in both types of natural stone siding materials are available in a wide range of stone designs, stone finishes, shapes and laying patterns. Everyone would have to agree that there is nothing more beautiful then natural stone; the only draw back to some home owners is they are a lot more expensive then cultured stone.

Natural stone siding is a great option to feature and highlight for interior or exterior siding purposes. For interior wall surfaces, natural stone siding or a veneer panel system can be featured to highlight a room that creates real natural appeal and charisma. For exterior purposes natural stone can be utilized on such applications that include: an outdoor fireplace, fencing system, garden beds, patio walls and freestanding wall.

Cultured Stone Masonry Siding

Stone Siding If you prefer the real look of natural stone but simply can not afford it, the more affordable alternate on the market is cultured stone. Cultured stone is a man made product to mimic the look of real stone. It is suitable for all types of indoor or outdoor siding applications. This product is made from portland cement, light weight aggregates and colored oxide pigments to create natural textures just like real stone. The mixture is poured into vibrating shaped moulds to cast and hence creates the edge and facing roughness finish of real stone.


Stone FireplaceEven though cultured stone is less expensive then natural stone siding, it still is a good masonry siding option that is functional and decorative at the same time. Cultured stone is durable, versatile, long lasting, all weather tolerant, rot resistant and fire proof. This type of masonry siding material is available in various stone thickness to suit a specific structural siding application such as thin veneer, pre assembled panels or solid stone. The wonderful range will complement and enhance the presentation of your home inside and out.

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