Introduction to Masonry Saws & Tools

About Masonry Saws & Tools

An Overview On Masonry Saws

Masonry Saw Blades The benefits of using a masonry saw is, they make it easier to cut masonry materials, they are quicker and less time consuming, the cutting is more accurate, they are safe to use. One important function of a masonry saw is the masonry blades, as there are various types of blades that are specifically designed to cut a certain masonry material. Masonry saws are also specially designed to perform wet cutting functions and dry cutting functions.


The motor capacity will also vary as will the powering source. They are available as electrically powered or gas powered. Some are designed to cut in several angles such as straight angles, 45 degree angles and 90 degree angle. So make sure when you purchase or hire a masonry saw you know exactly what its capabilities are that will suit the specific masonry material cutting that is required for your project.

Types Of Materials That Masonry Saws Can Cut

The types of masonry materials that masonry saws are specially designed to cut includes the following:

  • All types of paver materials
  • Concrete Slabs
  • All types of natural stone materials
  • Tiles
  • Blocks
  • Hard wood

Cutting Pavers With Ease and Accuracy

PaversWhen laying pavers, in most cases there will be a need to cut the paver in a certain angle so the paver will fit in perfectly and finish off the laying pattern. In most paving projects, there will be a need to cut the pavers for the edging or the border. So don’t even attempt to hammer or chisel away, as a masonry saw is more then capable of cutting quickly, easily with the accuracy that is required. The most popular masonry saw for cutting pavers is a hand held model that is light in weight.

Masonry SawThere are many landscaping products that natural stone materials are used in landscaping projects and one particular product is natural stone pavers. As many home owners are choosing natural stone pavers for paving applications, it is necessary to use a masonry saw when the pavers require cutting. Natural stone materials are probably the strongest material to cut.

Types Of Masonry Saw Models

There are so many different types of masonry saw models and designs that you can select for your masonry cutting requirements, they are as follows:

Hand Held Masonry Saw

The hand held masonry saw is a great tool to use for small cutting masonry materials. They are light weight and is hand held which provides easy cutting.

Table Masonry Saws

Table masonry saws are more commonly used for large quantity of masonry materials that. The table allows you to line up to several pavers or brick quantity to cut them all at the same time. The advantages of table masonry saws is you will be precise in the cutting angle so all the materials are the same angle, length and width.

About Stone Masonry Tools

Types Of Masonry Tools

Masonry ToolEach type of masonry tool has been specifically designed to be used for a certain purpose for when working with masonry materials. Without the proper tools the landscaping project will be most difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve best results if you don’t use the proper masonry tool that is required. So it’s definitely a wise choice to invest in masonry tools.


The following are types of masonry tools that are more often used for landscaping projects; some may cost you as little as a few dollars and some may cost hundreds of dollars, but anything that may make your landscaping project easier, faster and with a better result is worth every cent.

  • Masonry Chisels
  • Masonry Hammers
  • Masonry Scrappers
  • Masonry Tongs
  • Masonry Saws
  • Masonry Cutters Masonry Tools
  • Shovels
  • Pickets
  • Masonry Leveler
  • Brick Trowel
  • Pointed Trowel
  • Cement Mixer
  • Masonry Grover
  • Mortar Board
  • Masonry Jointer
  • Construction Line
  • Bull Float
  • Brooms
  • Folding Rulers
  • Wheel Barrow
  • 16 Masonry Drill Bit

Masonry Chisels

Masonry chisels are a great tool to use for trimming, scoring and cutting small masonry materials such as bricks or pavers. They are hand held tools that have a sharp edging blade on the bottom. To use this tool, place the sharp edging on the brick or paver in the position that requires cutting then tamper the top of the handle with a hammer that gives the chisel force to cut or chisel. This type of masonry tool is available in various sizes, so select a size that is more suitable. They are not very expensive to purchase, so take advantage of buying such a tool that will make the small cutting job much easier.

Masonry Leveler

Masonry levelers are an essential tool to use during laying pavers and concrete applications. They are a hand held tool with a flat bottom surface which provides proper leveling for when sand or concrete application are applied. By using this tool, you will ensure that the flooring application will be all the same level throughout.

Masonry Saws

Masonry Saw One of the most convenient masonry tools to have is a masonry saw. These tools are specially designed to cut through the strongest and most difficult types of masonry materials. They are available in different sizes which some are hand held versions, table saws and push along version. The biggest advantage of masonry saws is they provide ease and precision accuracy in cutting small to large materials such as bricks, stone, and pavers and concrete. For the safety issue, make sure the masonry saw you choose has a protection shield around the saw blade and don’t forget to wear protective clothing and accessories whilst using a masonry saw.

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