Introduction to Masonry Fireplaces & Stoves

About Masonry Fireplaces & Stoves


Masonry FireplaceMasonry fireplaces and stoves (or masonry heaters) have been used for home heating purposes for centuries in many European countries. They are a free standing masonry structure that feature a firebox to burn the wood, a chimney for heat absorption and as an exchange channel to release toxic gas fumes. The popularity of masonry fireplaces and stoves still continues to be the most preferred heating option followed by electrical and gas heating products. These types of heating structures are fueled by large amounts of wood which burns quickly. The heat is stored in the internal wall chambers that radiates slowly over a 12 to 14 hour period. They are an exceptional heating alternative that not only provides warmth and comfort, but for their decorative character that can enhance and complement any space in or outside the home beautifully.

Masonry wood stoves are designed a bit different from open fireplaces as they feature a door. They can be also used for cooking or baking purposes. Food that is cooked in masonry stoves taste so much better than electric or gas modern ovens. For this reason many restaurants and Pizzerias around the world still prefer to use a masonry stove rather then a conventional oven.

Masonry Stove The other great advantage to masonry fireplaces and stoves is they are made from masonry materials such as clay bricks and natural stone. These types of natural materials are featured internally in the firebox, the chimney wall chambers as well as the external facing. When you compare the difference of a masonry fireplace or stove to a stove made from metal or other materials, masonry materials retain the heat and stores large masses of heat in the internal wall as well as the external wall which radiates and releases slowly to keep the room warm day and night.

Improved Heating For Better Performance

Masonry FireplaceThe progress of modern masonry fireplaces and stove designs have improved tremendously especially during the last decade. With better designs and advanced heating technology then the original heating device from centuries ago. They provide much better and sufficient heating and the design concepts are much safer. There is also an extensive range to choose from for the decorative aspects in various masonry fireplace and stove designs, styles, sizes and shapes to choose from that will individually suit the room and area for heating requirements.

There are a number of reasons as to why many home owners, hotels and even restaurants are going back to traditional and natural wood heating by choosing masonry fireplaces and stoves, which include the following:

  • More energy efficient
  • No hefty gas or electricity bills to worry about
  • Provide a cozy and comfortable room atmosphere
  • Beautiful to look at and relax while the wood is burning
  • They can be featured indoors and outdoors
  • Extensive range to choose from individually
  • Utilized as a decorative focal feature all year round

Why Choose Masonry Material?

You might ask, why choose a masonry material over non masonry materials for fireplace and stove structures. The answer is simple, and that’s because masonry materials are non combustible which makes them fire proof. The other reason is masonry materials are durable, have long lasting attributes, require no maintenance. And for outdoor masonry fireplaces they are all weather tolerant when featured outdoors and require no maintenance.

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Why Masonry?

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