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Concrete Masonry

Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, concrete masonry provides an affordable alternative to brick masonry, retaining the tinsel strength attributes of brick masonry but for half the price. In earlier times masonry concrete was used for simple and restricted structures, but during the last three decades with further new developments and further new design techniques its versatility is a force to be reckoned with.

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Veneer Masonry

Veneer masonry emulates the look of authentic masonry by taking special masonry bricks or stone units that are actually 1/4 of the thickness of standard units and fixing them to a wall's surface with either glue or cement, creating the appearance of an authentic masonry wall.

Because these materials are much thinner than normal brick they end up costing the consumer much less. Thus if you...

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Brick Masonry

Masonry has been a widely used technology for many millennia. It is still being applied today in building construction and the landscaping industry, to name a few.

Brick masonry is used to build houses and other forms of shelter, as well as pathways, decks, steps and walls. Amongst all the different types of building materials available...

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