Introduction to Stepping Stones

About Stepping Stones


Stepping StonesStepping stones are a great option to accentuate the overall presentation of landscaped gardens and create a directional decorative walkway within the garden setting and surrounding locations. To add a touch of beauty and character, such products are a exceptional, functional and enhancing. In terms of functionality, they provide a walkway that will leave your shoes dry after it has rained, rather then walking on wet grass or muddy areas.

There are many decorative possibilities that can be realized with stepping stones, due to the extensive range that is available in various stepping stone materials, designs, shapes, sizes, patterns and texture. There are even such exotic types as solar stepping stones and stained glass stepping stones. No matter how small or large the area you intend on featuring stepping stones, you will certainly find the perfect product to suit your individual garden requirements. They are an affordable product rather then having to pave an entire area, as they are also very easy to install.

Functional Aspects Of Stepping Stones

For the functional aspects of stepping stones depends on each home owners expectations and how they want to benefit by featuring stepping stones either for the decorative values or for the functional values. The four main functional aspects of stepping stones include the following:

  1. Reduce the amount of dirt, mud and debris tracks to end up inside your home in unmulched gardens areas
  2. They can reduce the amount of mulch particles tracking inside your home after you have spent time gardening in a mulched garden
  3. When featured on pathway or turf areas, they can save the grass from foot traffic compaction and turf damage
  4. They provide directional foot traffic area to enter or exit the yard

Decorative Values Of Stepping Stones

Stepping StonesStepping stones are also often featured for their decorative values to add beauty and character to the overall garden presentation and exterior yard presentation. You can create a formal or informal design to complement the outdoor decor of your home. One great decorative idea is to highlight the surrounding stepping stone area with small colored decorative stones or rocks. It not only looks superb, but there will be no issues with weed growth in your gardens.

Stepping Stone Materials

Garden stepping stones are produced from various materials that include natural stones as well as manufactured man made materials. The following are the more popular materials that stepping stones are made from:

  • Concrete
  • Natural Stone
  • Rubber

Concrete Stepping Stones

Concrete Stepping Stones Concrete stepping stones are produced from cement, sand and other mixing materials that are placed in shaped mould for the mixture to set in. The range of concrete stepping stones is quite extensive as there are multitudes of designs, various facing finishes, wonderful patterns, shapes, styles, sizes and textures to choose from. Some products are specifically produced to mimic the appearance of natural stone with the advantage of concrete stepping stones being more affordable then real natural stone.

Natural Stone Stepping Stones

Natural Stone Natural stone is another suitable product that can accentuate pathways, walkways and landscape gardens with the real natural appearance, natural character and natural textures that exist on all types of natural stone. This product is specially carved and cut into a variety of shapes, patterns, thickness and sizes to utilize as stepping stones. The more popular stone types include sandstone, limestone, slate, flagstone and quartzite. One of the greatest advantages of natural stepping stones, is they will outperform any man made product due to natural abilities and capabilities. They might be more expensive, but in long term you are investing in a much better product.

Rubber Stepping Stones

Rubber stepping stones are made from stepping stone molds with some manufacturers using up to sixty percent of recycled materials. Rubber stepping stones will create an instant decorative pathway or side yard application that has decorative charm and decorative values. The two most outstanding aspects of rubber stepping stones is firstly, they wont crack and secondly they are much softer to walk on then masonry stepping stones. This type of product has endless uses around your home garden and not only as stepping stones, other useful applications include: barbecue and patio pads, grass to garden borders, pool pump pads and even as a padding for children’s outdoor activities and swing sets.

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