Introduction to Natural Stone

About Natural Stone


Natural StoneNatural stone products are quarried from the earth's surface from various minerals that have been in natural formation for centuries. There are many types of natural stones that are naturally produced and can be utilized for their functional attributes as well as their natural beauty. The two main natural stone products are stone pavers and stone blocks. Natural stone pavers are an ideal product for exterior flooring applications for residential landscaping purposes. There are a wide variety of stone shapes, stone sizes and stone textures available in natural stone pavers to suit your personal paving decor requirements.

Natural stone blocks are also commonly used for residential framed structures as the facing or cladding component or they are often featured for retaining walls and many other landscaping projects. The versatility of natural stone is that they can be featured in various landscaping projects or they can also be highlighted indoors as a decorative flooring or if you wish to highlight and define a particular wall for additional natural beauty and natural charisma, natural stone will create that perfect old word feel and look presentation. Natural stone installation can be accomplished by the home owner or a professional.

Types Of Natural Stone

Natural stone types will vary from one to another in the textures and colors that exits naturally. Typical natural stones include limestone, sandstone, bluestone, flagstone, granite, porphyry and marble. Some useful information for consumers who choose to feature natural stone pavers is there are some stone types that are limited for certain paving applications, especially on driveways due to excessive and continuous vehicular weight. Seek professional advice before selecting the stone type for driveways or any other paving application.

Sandstone Pavers

Patio Pavers Sandstone is available in pavers that are both suitable for exterior and interior flooring pavement applications. This type of stone is regarded as the highest in quality as it is the most durable, has higher strength values, slip resistant and will withstand light foot traffic and high vehicular traffic as stone pavers have a higher degree of tolerance. Such paving applications where sandstone pavers can be used for the functional and decorative aspects includes driveways, patios, walkways, pool areas and retaining walls. They are also available in various shapes, sizes and thickness for specific applications. They feature a natural cleft and surface roughness which allows the pavers to be slip resistant and moisture proof.

Sandstone Blocks

Sandstone Sandstone blocks are also specially carved and cut into various thickness's and shapes for residential cladding component and for retaining walls. For the purposes of residential cladding or facing, there are many benefits to sandstone blocks which are: they provide a better thermal heating performance and cooling performance inside your home, they are fire resistant, they are all weather resistant, they are pest and termite resistant and they provide better structural protection. Once more they do posses natural appeal and natural charm with a touch of old world presentation to the exterior appearance of your home.

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is another favorable natural stone that has been successfully quarried in The United States Of America since the early 1900’s. The colors and texture of bluestone are typically blue and grayish tones as this depends on the depth during the quarrying process. This particular natural stone has a variety of uses which also include interior and exterior paving applications. Bluestone pavers are available in many shapes and sizes to offer consumers and landscape designers many wonderful patterns. The advantages of bluestone pavers is they have all the natural capabilities and natural abilities for long lasting paving applications that will still look great after 10 years.

Limestone Pavers

Limestone Pavers Lime stone is a dense natural stone which has exceptional degree of natural stone strength, durability and long term performance. It is more commonly used for residential, industrial, and commercial and community paving applications because of its endurance and strength attributes. Limestone pavers are available in many paver shapes, sizes and textures for home owners and landscape designers to choose from. They can also be custom made and cut to suit your individual requirements if you choose.

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