Introduction to Flagstone

About Flagstone

Overview on Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone Pool PaversFlagstone pavers are an ideal paving product for residential, community and commercial applications. For residential applications this type of paving product can be featured on external flooring applications which include patios, driveways, walkways, pool areas, terraces and veranda’s just to name a few. The ranges in flagstone pavers include slate, bluestone and limestone. These types of natural pavers are quarried from various regions worldwide with a stunning range that varies depending on the stone type.

The natural textures in flagstone pavers includes purples, red, green, blue, black, charcoal, gray, pink, gold and orange. Such beautiful colors and textures will transform any internal or external flooring application to ooze with elegance, sophistication and character to complement and enhance the overall presentation of your home or landscaped garden decor.

These types of flagstone pavers have outstanding natural qualities and natural abilities with the flexibility of featuring them either indoors or outdoors. You can even use them as a veneer flagstone wall for the exterior of your home. They will provide both aspects of natural decorative appeal as well as their high functional performances for any flooring applications. The natural beauty and textures of flagstone pavers will surpass any man made pavers that even try to mimic flagstone pavers. If its natural pavers you prefer, flagstone pavers are the perfect paver option.

Why Choose Flagstone Pavers Over Manmade Pavers?

For many home owners and landscape designers, they opt for natural stone pavers rather then man made manufactured pavers. The combinations of many benefits, product values and advantages and then just the natural visual appeal they provide; which include:

  1. Their natural qualities
  2. Their natural durability
  3. Their natural capabilities
  4. The high performance values in high foot traffic areas
  5. Excellent tolerances in heavy vehicular areas
  6. The enriched natural textures
  7. The natural beauty
  8. Good range in color choice
  9. Various paver sizes
  10. They can tolerate all weather conditions
  11. They will not fade
  12. They have outstanding strength abilities
  13. Adds value to your home
  14. They will not crack or chip
  15. They are slip resistant
  16. They are acid resistant
  17. They are fire proof
  18. They can be featured indoors and outdoors

Although they are more expensive then man made pavers, many consumers and home owners still prefer flagstone pavers as they are a much better and wiser investment in the aspects of long term wear and tear

Irregular or Regular Flagstone Paver Shapes?

Flagstone Pavers When deciding how to lay flagstone pavers there are a few choices. The flexibility in flagstone paver shapes, styles and designs is a personal choice as they are available in irregular, regular shapes and sizes. The irregular shapes are a more popular choice because of irregular paving design that creates an interesting and eye catching paving presentation. As for the regular shapes, which include rectangular, square and triangle shapes they create a uniform and more obvious flowing paving design affect.

Slate Flagstone Pavers

Slate Pavers Slate flagstone pavers are recognized for their natural beauty, great selection in slate textures, tremendous durability factors, and strength attributes, irregular/regular shapes and sizes as well as excellent long term product performance. The versatility of this type of flagstone paver product is that it can be featured indoors as well as outdoors. Slate pavers offer more then just natural visual appeal and outstanding wear and tear attributes; they actually feature a natural slip resistant finish which allows them to be much safer to walk on when wet. Another advantage of flagstone slate pavers is they feature a natural cleft texture and rough surface which allows them to be slip, skid and moisture resistant.

Flagstone Stepping Stones

Flagstone Stepping StonesFlagstone stepping stones are also an ideal functional and decorative product that can be highlighted and utilized in various walkways and many other applications within landscaped garden settings and surrounding areas. There is a wide variety of flagstone stepping stone styles, stone textures, designs, sizes and shapes to choose from. Some home owners choose to feature flagstone stepping stones because they provide a clean walkway, they are more affordable then an entire paved area and they are easy to install.

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