Introduction to Concrete Walls

About Concrete Walls

An Overview on the Benefits of Concrete Walls

Decorative Concrete WallThere are so many benefits in concrete wall systems for residential and commercial applications. The two main attributes are their functional and decorative purposes. For functionality concrete wall systems will provide safety, security and privacy around the perimeter of your property. Your children will be safe, you will deter any criminal activity from happening as a wall system presents itself as a security barrier. As for the decorative aspects, concrete walls can provide your property with visual elegance and enhancement that will complement and tie in beautifully with the rest of your presentation.

Types of Concrete Wall Systems

Concrete Wall Panels There are various forms of concrete walls that are used as a wall or fence system. It is an individual choice and preference on selecting the type of concrete wall for your property. Keeping in mind they all will provide safety, privacy as well as decorative and architectural feature. The following are the types of concrete wall systems available for your selection:

  • Concrete Panels

  • Concrete Blocks

  • Concrete Forms

  • Pre Cast Concrete Walls

Concrete Panels

Concrete panels are certainly gaining popularity as a preferred choice for structural wall systems on residential and commercial applications. The biggest advantage to concrete panels is they are structurally sound and are long lasting. The panels are manufactured into single panels with varying sizes in height and width to suit most wall applications. The panels are cased with cement and aggregate mixtures that feature reinforced steel that is vertical and horizontal which hence provides each panel extra strength, longevity and durability. These panels are available in basic colors, but for those who prefer a more vibrant color, they can be easily painted with special concrete paint.

Pre Cast Concrete Walls

Precast Concrete Wall Panel Pre cast concrete walls are a system which is designed to provide stability and structure for outdoor applications such as retaining walls and indoor applications such as wall structures. Pre cast concrete walls are a contemporary method of concrete wall systems and predominately used within the building trade nowadays. The design of pre cast concrete helps to make a pre cast concrete wall system durable, and resistant to common concrete damages such as cracks.

Pre cast concrete panels are made to be ready for instant installation. They are pre made and measured by manufacturers which cuts the installation process by half. The outstanding finish of pre cast concrete walls is immaculate and there is no risk of moisture getting in between the walls structure. The other advantages to pre cast concrete walls are their long lasting attributes due to their durability and all weather tolerances. There are many colors, styles and designs to choose from that will transform your property into a safe, secure but also an enchanting architectural wall or fencing system. Applications of pre cast concrete walls include columns, retaining walls, buildings and much more.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete BlocksConcrete blocks are also another option that can be utilized as a wall system. These blocks are pre made into various sizes and shapes with each block interlocking with another that provides structural stability. For any wall construction you need to ensure all the relevant height and restrictions are followed by the building code in your region.


Decorative Concrete Walls

Concrete WallDecorative concrete walls are featured throughout modern landscaping. The wall can be used for structural stability purposes such as a retaining wall or small walls can be used as garden beds. Large decorative concrete walls are used to support water features or to divide the landscaping into a different section. A decorative concrete wall can be used as a feature wall within the landscaping decor and tasteful presentation.


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