Introduction to Concrete Mixers

About Concrete Mixers

An Overview On Cement And Concrete Mixers

Concrete MixerConcrete mixers are specifically designed to mix cement, gravel, sand and water to form concrete that is used for many residential, commercial and community applications. Such applications include pathways, sidewalks, driveways, footings and foundations that require a slab of concrete for foot traffic, vehicular traffic and house foundations. The functions of a concrete mixer are for the ingredients to be placed in the drum which revolves and mixes all the added components together. The revolving drum does all the hard work for you by mixing all the ingredients effectively and quickly that produces a concrete mixture for easy pouring.

Concrete MixerLandscape contractors and concrete professional's often use a transit concrete mixer truck for large projects where the cement mixture is already prepared and ready for pouring. For the DIY home owner who has a small project they want to pursue, you can either hire or purchase a portable concrete mixer with the necessary materials. There are various models you can hire or purchase which have different features and mixing capacity.


So it’s important to select the correct mixer that is suitable depending on the project size and how much cement mixture will be required. Discuss these issues with the company you wish to hire or purchase the equipment from with all the relevant information as they can recommend the most suitable cement mixer that is required depending on the concreting project.

Various Models And Special Features Of Cement Mixers

Some of the various features of cement mixtures depend on the model, the brand and the size as the cost will also vary if you wish to purchase or hire the equipment. The various specifications and model types may include the following details:

  • Cement mixtures are available in various drum sizes, various batch drum capacity, drum diameter, several drum opening sizes and drum tips that also may vary in tipping degrees

  • Cement mixers are available in gas powered or electrically powered models

  • Depending on the model and size they also feature different engine sizes and horse power capacity

  • They are available in several different weights according to the material used that there made from

  • The mixer drums are manufactured from a selection of different types of materials, the most common drum material is made from steel

  • The selection of mixers include; a portable cement mixture, truck cement mixture and a tow cement mixture

  • Portable and tow mixers have wheels to maneuver the mixer easily when required, again the wheel sizes depends on the weight and size of the unit

  • Providing the mixer is large enough you might need a concrete mixer driver

Concrete Mobile Mixer

A portable cement mixer is ideal equipment for the home owner who has a small concreting project. These types of units feature two wheels and a towing tongue to allow moving the mixer around from site to site with ease. They can be moved by hand on the site during the project or they can be towed by a vehicle that has a tow bar on the back of the vehicle.

Portable concrete mixers feature a revolving drum to mix the components and once the ingredients are mixed the drum can be tipped to pour the concrete mixture straight into the area required. Or you can pour the concrete mixture from the drum tip straight into a wheel barrow if you choose to do so. They are available in gas powered versions and electrically powered versions. You can hire them for a few days, as for those eager home owners who have more concreting projects to do in the future; it’s probably a good idea in investing wisely in a cement mixer.


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