Introduction to Concrete Floors

About Concrete Floors


A New Concrete Floor Concrete floors have witnessed such a significant increase in demand. They are now the material of choice for many homeowners and designers around the globe. You will notice concrete floors popping out just about everywhere, from homes to retail stores to restaurants and even offices.


Concrete FlooringThe concrete floors we see around are made up of concrete consisting of three components: water, aggregates (gravel, sand and rock) and Portland cement. The Portland cement operates as a binding agent when it is mixed with water and aggregates. This mixture is poured into a designated area and left to harden. The result is a strong and durable product ideal for a concrete floor.


Why Are Concrete Floors Popular?

Indoor Concrete FloorConcrete itself is a widely used building material. As a matter of fact, double the amount of concrete is used in construction globally than the sum of all other building materials like aluminum, plastic, steel and wood.

There are many reasons why concrete is so popular, especially when it comes to flooring.

First of all, a concrete floor is fairly easy to install. The project can even be a do-it-yourself one without the need of a professional. No wood work or stone work is required. The main part of any concrete floor is pouring. Concrete floors are also inexpensive to install.

Concrete FloorWhen it comes to concrete floor designs, the options are limitless. You don’t have to settle with the dull gray color of a concrete floor.

There are so many creative ideas you can adopt like staining concrete floors or painting concrete floors, applying textures, patterns or perhaps saw cuts that will make your concrete floor look gorgeous. It will be hard to believe that it’s even concrete.

What Are The Main Steps For Pouring A Concrete Floor?

Pouring a concrete floor involves the following steps. To start with, you need to prepare the area. Wood forms need to be placed according to the shape and size of your desired concrete floor. They could be placed above ground, or digging may be required.

You can order concrete from ready-mix concrete plants who will deliver to your house in a small truck. Use a wheelbarrow to transport the concrete to fill the form. Once this is done, tamp the concrete to compact it and then screed it to ensure it is level. The concrete floor needs to be allowed time to properly cure.

Commercial Concrete FlooringYou can embellish the look of a concrete floor and make it last longer by applying a sealer. Sealers come either clear or colored. Some may have an additive for better traction on the concrete floor surface as some sealers can get pretty slippery when wet.

What Maintenance Is Involved With Concrete Floors?

Maintaining Concrete FlooringBasically cleaning a concrete floor requires minimal effort and expense. Concrete floors can be easily swept or washed to keep them looking clean.

Applying a sealer to the concrete floor surface helps protect a concrete floor against dirt, stains and water, which will in turn lessen the amount of maintenance work required in the future.

Some areas of a concrete floor may loose shine, especially areas of high traffic. In this case, buffing the concrete floor with a commercial polishing compound may do the job. If this is not enough, a sealer can be reapplied to high traffic areas for a small touch up.


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