Introduction to Concrete Curbing

About Concrete Curbing


Concrete CurbingConcrete curbing is commonly known as a landscaping border which is used throughout residential and commercial gardens. Concrete curbing has practical and decorative use within landscaping nowadays, simple designs to border garden beds and practical design which can prevent erosion within the garden. Concrete is a very durable and long lasting material. It is also inexpensive and easy to work with. It is suitable for curbing applications because of its ease in installation and flexibility to be placed in a variety of designs, shape and patterns. Concrete is also available in many different colors to suit the project's color theme. It can also be finished off in a variety of textures to suit the landscaping.

The Benefits of Concrete Curbing

Concrete Curbing Concrete curbing is a beneficial application within the landscaping as it is a material which imitates a wide variety of natural and man made materials without the hefty cost. Concrete curbing can be used to imitate slate, natural stones and brick. An advantage of concrete curbing is that machinery can be used to complete the entire process which makes installation time very quick.

Concrete Curbing Machine

Concrete Curbing MachineConcrete curbing machines are designed to create the longest lasting and strongest curbing for residential and commercial properties. Not only is concrete curbing used in landscaping but it is also used on commercial properties for purposes such as parking lots, edging, foot paths, driveways, commercial garden beds, parks and much more. The versatility of concrete curbing machines allows any type of installation large or small to be completed with ease. Concrete is mixed and poured into the curbing machine which then transfers the concrete down through the machine; it passes through a mould which releases the concrete into the desired destination in the design which is required.

The curbing machines are very sophisticated, they are able to be set to create curbing of all types of thickness, widths, curves, straight lines and designs. This can be determined by the users of the machine. The machines are manually operated which allows users to change the settings to best suite the application. Machines can be hired from local retailers for a daily and hire fee.

Curbing Designs

Curbing Designs Concrete is a flexible material which can be used in a number of different ways, this is beneficial for the curbing design as a variety of style including curves, swirls, circles, straight lines and zigzagged lines can be used within the overall design. Curbing when used in garden beds is generally shaped and designed around the garden bed itself whether it is of a squared, circular or zigzagged shape.


The curbing machine will follow the line of the garden bed and apply the concrete in the desired effect. Design can be chosen to coordinate within the entire garden and blend in with curbing which is used elsewhere around the home or property.

Curves, swirls and circular designs are very popular and each offer unique and individual appearences to all types of gardens and landscaping. The movement they offer creates a landscaping which flows and has a stylish appearance whilst the practicality of the concrete curbing keeps the gardens soil, plants and trees contained within the creativity of the curbing itself.

Where erosion and runoff may be an issue concrete curbing can prevent it. The curbing height should be raised slightly to ensure the prevention of run off and erosion. It will solve the issue whilst still maintaining a stylish and classy outlook within the landscaping.


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