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Thin BricksThin brick is commonly used as a decorative element in the construction and masonry industry. These units are generally made from shale and clay. They are kiln fired to bond the clay and shale particles together to form a strong, durable and solid unit. Thin bricks are available in a broad range of colors to suit all types of designs. Thin bricks generally work like a facing brick which makes them a little different to conventional bricks as conventional bricks are double the thickness of thin bricks. These bricks should not be used for structural walls or structural applications because they are delicate because of their thickness. They offer stylish and clean finished look when used to finish off any type of application.

For difficult types of application some reinforcement of the thin brick may be required and in this case concrete or steel reinforcement may be required, due to the thickness of the brick itself. This masonry material is used commonly on commercial and residential buildings.

Thin Brick Veneer

Thin Brick VeneerThin brick veneer is generally used on interior and exterior wall coverings. The wide variety of color range allows homeowners to coordinate and select color themes which will best suit the home. Contrasting with colors using thin brick is also an ideal application when it comes to thin brick veneer. This type of veneer material works like facing but only with a thickness of around half an inch. When the application is complete the final appearance of the thin brick veneer will give the illusion of a masonry built wall but at half the costs.

The Advantages of Thin Brick

Thin BricksThere are many advantages to using thin brick as veneer, facing or wall covering around the inside or outside of your home. They are a decorative masonry feature which offers many great advantages to where ever they are applied. Here is a list of just a few advantages:

  • Thin brick is economically prefabricated.

  • Installation is simple and can be completed by homeowners or skilled brick specialist.

  • Thin brick is the perfect alternative to wood, aluminum and vinyl as it is durable and long lasting.

  • When thin brick is used as veneer, facing or wall coverings they offer sound resistance.

  • Thin brick offers fire resistant properties when used on fireplace facings and coverings.

  • Can be easily cut to size or shape when being installed with the use of a masonry saw. The brick will become delicate so care will need to be taken during this process.

  • These masonry units are far more durable than imitation bricks which are made from either concrete or plastic.

  • Thin brick walls offer conventional masonry veneer which is very light weight due to the thickness of the bricks.

  • Under builders instructions thin brick can be used as some types of structural support.

  • The endless choice of sizes shapes and colors.

  • Can be set with mortar or concrete depending on the application type.


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