Introduction to Masonry Stoves & Fireplaces

About Masonry Stoves & Fireplaces

What is a Masonry Stove?

Masonry StoveMasonry stoves are also commonly referred to as masonry heaters or fireplaces. Masonry stoves allow homeowners to heat the inside of their homes to provide warmth and comfort during the cooler months of the year. Masonry stoves can also be used outdoors to provide the same advantages or to be used as an outdoor cooking facility. They have a distinctive feature which makes them very popular. It is the ability to store large masses or amounts of heat without over heating the inside or outside areas of the home. The heat within the masonry stove which is generally produced by burning wood is stored in the masonry thermal mass which then slowly gives off heat.

Controlling how fast the heat is spread through the home is generally determined by how much wood the homeowner burns. For example; for fast heating add large amounts of wood to burn within the masonry stone, for more efficient heating burn small amounts of wood.

Masonry Stove Building Kits

Building Masonry StoveMasonry stove kits are available from leading retailers. The kits cost around $1000US to $5000US depending on the size, material and style of the kits. Step by step instruction booklets allow homeowners to build and construct the masonry stove kit themselves. The construction process is excellent for beginners as the process is simple as no wiring, cables or heating elements need to be installed. Professional contractors who specialize in masonry work can be consulted for no obligation quotations, although they may be a little more expensive in price due to labor costs. The versatility of masonry stoves allows homeowners to be comfortable even on the coldest of nights during the fall and winter seasons.

An Overview Of Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry FireplaceAn outdoor fireplace is a great choice by many home owners who want to extend spending time outdoors during cooler days and nights in the autumn season and well into the winter season. The whole idea of having an outdoor fireplace can be for two reasons. One is for their functional purposes of providing warmth whilst spending time outdoors on cold nights and the other can be for their charm in terms of appearance for what they also provide as decorative features.


What a superb way to provide warmth and charm in outdoor applications where you might have a patio, a pool area, a barbecue area or even in your garden setting. So when you are relaxing or entertaining during those cold nights you and your guests can gather around the fireplace and keep warm for one. And secondly you are a providing a beautiful environment to make them feel comfortable and most enjoyable.

There are so many outdoor fireplaces available for home owners to choose from. They range from several designs, shapes, sizes and the exterior materials that the fireplace can be built from and housed. This is where you need to identify and select the most suitable outdoor fireplace that would be most appropriate to the outdoor area where you intend to use it. Because there are so many different and unique styles available as there are also various fireplace materials, the most recommendable material is masonry. Masonry fireplaces will withstand heat that is generated from the fireplace, they are durable, versatile, and all weather tolerant as they are also rust and corrosion resistant.


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