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Brick PlanterMost residential homes are structurally built from some form of brick material. Bricks are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to suit the desired building project. There are many patterns that can be achieved depending on the brick shape and size. Brick materials have so many other usages for various outdoor applications that include garden walls, small retaining walls and building your own barbecues.

For the DIY enthusiast who plans on building a small project, it’s imperative that you have all the correct information on how to lay bricks correctly according to the project you have chosen.

Two Types Of Bricks

Brick There are two types of bricks; one is for flooring applications which are brick pavers and the other type is for structural applications. Brick pavers do not have holes in them where as structural bricks do have holes in each brick unit.

The reason for this, is the holes provide more structural stability with the mortar that is applied to each brick that joins them and holds them firmly together.


How To Build A Garden Wall From Bricks

Brick WallThe foundation preparation is an important part of any structural application. As the foundation is what stabilizes and provides structural strength and stability. The following information describes how to lay bricks which would be suitable for a small garden wall of up to half a meter high. You can choose a single wall or a double sided brick wall for extra stability. Don’t attempt to build a garden wall this way if it’s higher then 1 meter as there are special building codes and specifications for medium to high wall applications that need certain council permits.

  • Once you have chosen the site where you would like to feature a garden wall, use a string or spray paint and mark out the area width and the length and dig the site by at least 10 to 12 inches. It’s a good idea to set up a straight string from the end you will be starting the brick laying as this will ensure that you will lay the bricks straight to follow through the laying process

  • Apply a layer of 3 inches of gravel or crushed stone and make sure they are spread out leveled by using a leveler.

  • Once you are satisfied with the gravel application you need to apply 1 inch layer of coarse sand on top. Again, you must ensure the sand is evenly laid out.

  • Mix cements water to the recommended ratio and apply 1 inch of the concrete mixture evenly on top of the base preparation. Wait at least 24 hours for the concrete to set

  • Following the string you have set up, place a row of bricks with no mortar and this will give you a good indication if the bricks will be accurately laid straight, once you are satisfied remove the bricks as you will need to apply a layer of mortar before you commence laying the bricks properly in place

  • Apply a mortar mixture evenly of 1 inch thick across where you will start laying the bricks

  • Place mortar to each side of the brick and put firmly in place by tampering down and continue the first row

  • For the second row of bricks, you must saw a brick in half as this off sets the brick laying pattern and continue laying each row in this sequence

  • You need to ensure that all sides of each brick before its put in the position that all sides have sufficient mortar as mortar is what hold each brick together from top, bottom and sides for stabilization and sturdiness

  • Once you have built the garden wall up, there is brick capping product you can select to decorate the last row bricks that will add style and nice finishing touch



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