Introduction to Brick Flooring & Tiles

About Brick Flooring

Brick FlooringBrick products have been used for many centuries throughout the world for applications such as roads, flooring, monuments, side walks and building structures. In fact, bricks are considered to be the oldest manufactured building material that has been trusted throughout history because of their durability, versatility and practical attributes. In more modern times there are still many home owners who prefer brick flooring products for internal and external flooring applications for their historical elegance in appearance and their durability.

Such bricks have already stood the test of time as they are recycled or re-salvaged from old buildings throughout America that are a few centuries old that have been demolished. This proves their endurance in their strength ability as they are still re-usable for flooring applications for residential, community and commercial applications to still perform for many more decades to come.

The Benefits Of Brick Flooring

There are various reasons for the benefits that brick flooring products provide in visual terms, their strength and ability and their practical purposes. For residential flooring applications, you can feature brick flooring on driveways, patios, sidewalks, pathways, pool areas and courtyards. Here are some of the benefits of what brick flooring will provide when used as paving:

  • Brick Flooring They provide elegance and character with the old world look rustic charm

  • They are fade resistant

  • They resist wear and tear

  • They are slip resistant

  • They are recycled products, so you are helping the environment

  • They are very durable with long lasting attributes Bricks

  • They are fire resistant

  • They are maintenance free

  • They will not crack or chip


The choice in brick flooring selection is an individual preference and what you really want to achieve in design, charisma and style on your property.

About Brick Tiles

Your home is one of your biggest investments. When building a new home or renovating your existing one, you want to use a material that looks great and lasts a long time to ensure you get your moneys worth. What you don’t want is money, time and effort being spent on a project with a limited time span.

Brick TilesNo matter what the project is for your home, there is one building material guaranteed to give you good value for your money and that is brick. Ever since it’s invention, brick has been one of the most popular building materials available on the market. Brick can be used practically anywhere from building walls and pathways to fireplaces and steps. Brick is also highly recommended to cover surfaces.


Why Use Brick Tiles?

Brick TilesThere are so many reasons why homeowners opt for brick tile. Firstly, brick tile can be found in a variety of attractive colors ranging from sandy tan to gray to red.

Because each brick tile is fired at an extremely high temperature, the color is permanent. There is no fading usually derived from weather conditions, foot traffic or cleaning.

Also, brick tiles are available in all sorts of sizes, shapes and textures. You are bound to find a style or design to suit the look and feel of your home. When laying brick tiles, you can choose a certain pattern that will surely catch one’s eye. The brick tile textures vary, but in any case the texture is slip resistant and is easy to clean. All in all, aesthetically, brick tile will never fail to impress.

Brick TilesSecondly, brick tile is known to be a durable product. Unlike other materials, brick tile does not rot, warp or dent. Brick tile is weather resistant, fire proof and pest resistant. It does not need painting or treating. Just an occasional clean is about all the maintenance required. Because of this benefit, brick tile adds value to your home.

Lastly, brick tile is quiet easy to work with. You can install brick tile the same way you would install ceramic tile. It does not require an expert to do the job; just a few building materials, step-by-step instructions and a bit of care will have you tiling a wall or floor.

Installing Brick Tiles

Brick TilesBrick tile is used for patios, decks, walls, floors, walkways and counter tops. Whichever the case, the same installation method applies for brick tile as ceramic tile. For a good instruction manual, get a hold of the latest edition of the handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation which is published by the Tile Council of America, Inc.

Before you begin, as with any building project, planning is key. Make sure you know exactly where you would like to install brick tile, the dimensions, and the style you’re looking for. Having thought of these will help you when you set off to purchase your brick tile. When you have everything at hand, just refer to your hand book for everything you need to know about installing brick tiles. Follow the steps carefully till the end. If do-it-yourself projects don’t appeal to you, then you can leave the installing part to a professional.


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