Introduction to Masonry

About Masonry


Masonry Wall Masonry is used as infrastructure on highways, airports and bridges. It is also used on residential and commercial applications such as retail complexes, sports fields, manufacturing warehouses, residential properties and recreational facilities. Masonry supplies are also used for the construction of schools, car parks and government buildings. There are 3 main types of masonry, these include concrete, natural stone and brick. These masonry materials are versatile and are suitable for a large number of applications including retaining walls, buildings, homes, patios, driveways and much more.

Masonry is sold and widely used within the construction industry for their many benefits and advantages. Their shining attributes make them versatile and easy to work with. Masonry materials are flexible to work with which allows homeowners to complete home DIY projects. One complication which homeowners may face when completing a project using masonry is drilling holes into the material. All masonry is made strong, durable and hard wearing, drilling through the masonry require technique and special masonry bits.

Masonry Fireplaces & Stoves

Masonry Fireplace Masonry fireplaces and stoves are versatile as they can be utilized indoors and outdoors for heating and warmth. Many home owners spend a lot of time outdoors during the warmer months of the year but tend to hibernate indoors during the winter. The great option for those who still enjoy being outdoors but dislike being cold, is to consider investing in an outdoor masonry fireplace and stove. They are a good heating option to feature on your patio, courtyard, barbecue area or any outdoor area to keep you warm.

Installing a masonry fireplace and stove on your patio or courtyard extends the living area of your property. It enables you to bring the inside outside. You will find that a masonry fireplace and stove allows you to entertain throughout the whole year, instead of just in summer. You can now spend quality time with friends and family in winter without feeling the cold.

Masonry Saws & Tools

Masonry saws and tools are specially designed to cut and work with hardscape materials with ease, precision and accuracy. Masonry saws and tools are available in various sizes, models and designs. The models include a hand held light weight portable saw, tables saw and a walk behind push model. For the DIY homeowner who requires a cutting tool for masonry materials for a particular project, it’s essential that you either purchase or hire a masonry saw.

Masonry SawMasonry materials are hard materials that are more commonly used for landscaping projects. These materials include pavers that are made from concrete, natural stone, clay pavers and all types of products that are made from concrete. All professional tradesmen have all the necessary masonry tools they require for landscaping projects. But if you are a DIY home owner and have decided that you want to do the landscaping projects around your home yourself, its vital that you have the necessary masonry tools that will provide you with ease, speed and accuracy

Masonry Contractors

Masonry MaterialsThe most important part of any masonry project is choosing the right masonry contractor for the job. It is advised to always get at least three different quotes that state everything that the contractor is going to take care of. The reason for this is that you want to have it in writing everything that the contractor is going to do in order to complete the particular project. For example check if they will be getting rid of all rubbish in the end and what kind of a guarantee they offer. Also, it is a good idea to ask the contractor if you can see some of their completed projects. Make sure that the contractor is fully insured, you don't want any surprises in the event of an accident.

Stone Masonry Siding

Stone masonry siding products are available in a multitude of stone designs, patterns, colors, shapes and sizes to suit your personnel taste. The versatility allows you to choose the look you want whether it’s a modern elegant look, classical, traditional or old world rustic appeal. There are two types of stone masonry materials that are well suited for any type of siding applications that can be featured both indoors or outdoors, they are natural stone and cultured stone. They both have beautiful and natural appeal but be prepared to pay more for natural stone than cultured or man made stone as with any natural material it is more expensive and that’s due to all the natural abilities and strength endurance long term.

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